Discover Alma wines at our winery.

Tasting with Alma Wines

Tasting by Appointment Only

Coming soon, we invite you to come and explore Alma de Cattleya and the uncompromising wines of Bibiana González Rave. Our wines represent the true beauty and unique terrior of our home: Sonoma County.

Our private, appointment only tastings are an opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the meticulous process behind crafting these beautiful wines. Starting with a tour of the winemaking facility, each guest will have the chance for a behind the scenes view of our pursuit for perfection. We customize each visit and tailor the wines offered directly to your palate or overall stylistic preference.

While we are extremely excited for the opportunity to welcome our fellow wine lovers into our home here in Sonoma County, the current county restrictions have temporarily halted all indoor tasting. We hope to welcome you as soon as is possible for a tasting in our upstairs private room or on the cellar floor.

We encourage you to book ahead, as these tastings will be limited to only two groups per day, once indoor tasting is available to us. Open dates starting June 1st, 2021 for weekend requests and as early as March 15th for weekday visits, pending current COVID-19 restrictions being lifted.


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